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My works are unbeta-ed. Tread with caution.

CHARACTERS: Horikita Maki, Kim Jaejoong
GENRE: (Multi-chaptered) Canon Romance Fic
DISCLAIMER: I do not own the characters. This is purely made out of the writer’s (yours truly) imagination. The plot of the story is mine. There are some events that may not be accurate and has been purposely altered for the story. Apart from such, any resemblance to reality is not intended.

Chapter 3 – Maybe Some Other Time
He’s been looking at the ceiling of his flat for more than an hour. Jaejoong feels like not doing anything. There’s not much to do anyways. The rain is pouring outside.
The event a while ago kept replaying on his mind. It bugged him.
It was so coward of him!
He didn’t even managed to say a mere “Hi” nor introduce himself.

The voice came second to the noisy clanking of metal chair against the marble floor yet what she heard is clear enough to stop her and look back to the source of it.
There facing her is a man a couple of feet taller than her, towering her. His face is beet red all over and the funny oversized glasses couldn’t hide his shocked expression.
Maki look around to see if there’s actually anybody who responded to the guy. With the man directly gazing at her, she shoots him with confused expression and pointed at herself still unsure if he’s pertaining to her. Afterall, Ashiya is still a Japanese name, not a typical one though, yet possible.
Ashiya being one of her most popular character name fueled her uncertainty.
“Ano… were you talking to me?” Maki said still pointing at herself.
The guy just blushed more, redder than he already is. If that still is possible.
Maki’s not sure whether it’s his boyish way of scratching his head or the unconscious swaying of his left hand that she finds cute.
She smiled when the guy nodded.
“It’s been a long time somebody called me that.”

Jaejoong didn’t know what possessed him. It’s way beyond embarrassing!
Her accommodating smile seems to be assuring him that the stupidity he committed is just fine.
Though for Kim Jaejoong it is unforgiveable. The dummy inside him took an awfully wrong turn this time. If possible, he would willingly let himself be swallowed by either the sudden opening of the ground or just be taken away and disappear with the wind. Whichever is faster, preferably.
“Uhm… uhm… you’re leaving?”
Great Jae! Stating the obvious!Way to go! His brain chided.
Maki’s smile widened, amused at how the guy’s countenance turned from shocked, to frustrated then embarrassed.
“Yes, I am about to, but it seems that the rain would keep me.”
As if on cue, whitish-silver lightning breaks the monotony amongst gloomy handful of dark clouds. The once bright sunshine he woke up from is nowhere in sight, replaced by the in tune pit-pattering of raindrops and occasional wind blows.
He didn’t notice it. Or maybe being engrossed staring at her and his own thoughts made him not to.

“Mari-chan, why don’t you just stay?” A voice from behind interrupted. “I’m sure it wouldn’t take much time for the rain to settle.”
The approaching person caught their attention.
“But Chie-san, I have to go and fetch Meisa.” Maki stretch out a hand and affectionately held the old lady’s hand, showing familiarity.
“Oh you troublesome kids nowadays.” The lady waved her hand nodding at the staff beside her.
“As much as I would want to be upset, what can this old woman do but to understand you.” Giving up, Chie-san stated.
Jaejoong just stood there, speechless. He couldn’t possibly just butt in to someone else’s conversation, can he? Though the old lady just did that, it’s considerably an exception since the two ladies knows each other.
The staff came scurrying back with an umbrella.
“You should use this then.”
“Thank you very much, Chie-san.” Maki bowed and smiled.
As if remembering his presence, she looked up at him.
“Nice to meet you.”
The last thing he remembered was her retreating figure.
“Are you sure?”
Maki worriedly asked her furious best friend Meisa who has been pacing back and forth since she arrived. She has the right to be angry at her but chose not to after hearing her rants. It will just be a waste of energy. The girl seems to be preoccupied at the moment.
What could a best friend do?
“Of course! And he chose that guy over me! Argh, I really need to get rid of that pale-skinned seasick brat!” Meisa ranted.
Maki giggled. “For someone who hates him, you sure know a lot about him Mei-tan.”
The olive-skinned girl looked at her giggling best friend.
“Of course. I must know my enemy. I’ve gotten rid of that Matsumoto, it’s time for that Nino to follow suit.
“Did you even ask him?” Even with that murderous look on her Meisa never fail to amuse her. She knew better. After all this isn’t the first time.
For the longest time they’ve been friends since they started in the agency, watching her going mad over Johnny’s men is a usual thing.
Maki’s partly to blame though. Being dragged along some of the hottest Johnny’s men into scandals, regardless if it’s true or not, brought out her best friend’s protective instinct. With Meisa most of the time acting like an older brother.
For that, she earned the title — Johnny hater. Something she’s in fact proud of.
That was true, not until four months ago.
“Well I guess you will have to plot against the other two members.” Maki said thoughtfully.
“Aiba-san is easy to figure out.” Meisa said as if she’s stating a fact.
“He’s my last priority. Sakurai-san is so busy to even get in my way, but he’ll be next.” She said pleased while nodding at her much thought out fool proof plan.
Relief surged over Maki. Meisa still addressing the latter two with san, unlike the first two who weren’t even regarded as human, is to be thankful for.

With matters concerning Arashi’s leader, one can only imagine what jealousy could do to the Meisa Kuroki.