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My works are unbeta-ed. Tread with caution.

CHARACTERS: Horikita Maki, Kim Jaejoong
GENRE: (Multi-chaptered) Canon Romance Fic
DISCLAIMER: I do not own the characters. This is purely made out of the writer’s (yours truly) imagination. The plot of the story is mine. There are some events that may not be accurate and has been purposely altered for the story. Apart from such, any resemblance to reality is not intended.

Chapter 4 – Get Close And Comfy
It is one tiring day for Maki. The entire day consists of interviews and meeting with some people from her agency and a talk with her manager about her upcoming projects.
As she left her agency’s building, she turned her phone on, checking for any mails.
The phone went ringing seconds after.
“Moshi moshi?” Maki abruptly answered.
“Maki-chan, goodness!” A panicking Toma answered back.
Maki frowned. “Is there something wrong?”
“Mou Maki-chan, you have to come here. She’s out of control!”
Maki, confused of what one of closest guy friend is talking about, asked “What do you mean?”
Another voice replaced Toma’s. “Ne, Maki-chan. We need you here, just tell me where you are and I’ll pick you up.” It was more of a declaration coming from the resident heartthrob of Arashi, than a request.
“No need, Matsumoto-kun. I can manage. Same place?” Maki confirmed upon understanding, as she nodded at her driver.
“I’ll be on my way.”
Maki arrived at the place. She immediately noticed a leather-clad man smoking outside.
“Where are they?” She gingerly inquired at the guy.
“They’re on the fourth box to the left.” Ryo casually pointed, instructing her to go ahead. Obviously, he’s not there to escort her but to merely give directions.
Thanking him, she walked past the guy but looked back after hearing the latter say, “It’s more chaotic than how it was back then.”
Unsure of which one is it that the man is pertaining to, Maki just shrugged her shoulders and headed to the fourth box.
It took time before her eyes could adjust to the chaotic surroundings.
The huge four-poster room is filled loud music . Multi-colored neon lights enliven the place.
Next thing she knew, she’s being dragged by two pair of strong arms, making their way through the scantily clad dancing bodies on the dance floor.
The girl sitting at the far-end of the room talking and laughing hysterically at whatever the guy wearing rust-colored jacket caught Maki’s attention. Wait, Laughing? Hysterically?
Surely, those aren’t the better adjectives to describe Meisa especially if a horde of JE guys are just around the vicinity — wary, annoyed and bitchy is all her. And yes, sarcastic.
But this time around, her best friend choose to be on her image- defying giggly mode, all-eyes and ears to the man-child who’s seemingly sober enough to blabber something between bonitos and fishing rod, and drunk enough to be half-lying on the couch while waving his hands.
“Mei-tan.” Maki greeted as she approached.
“Maki-chan!” Meisa stood up and quickly grab Maki to her side. “Why are you with Matsumoto-san and Ikuta-san?”
Maki saw Toma roll his eyes.
“We kinda figure out that it will be more fun if we invite Maki. After all, it’s been a long time.” Jun supplied.
Meisa’s about to retort when the slurring Arashi leader interjected. “Jun-chan, invited Maki ne?”
“Tanjoubi Omedeto, Ohno-kun. Sorry if I forgot to bring a gift, I’ll just send something over.” Maki apologetically bowed.
“Don’t worry about it, this is a surprise party so nobody did actually bring anything. Except for the organizers of course.” Toma, subtlety changing the subject.
“Oi, I brought one.” Arashi’s Kouhai Shigeaki Kato disagreed, beside him a smirking Nino appeared.
“You’re not counted, you go around fishing with Ohno-kun.” Nino contradicted.
“Then how about Chinen?” Shige re-tried.
“He basically stalks Riida, and we all know about it. It’s pretty normal compared to his extreme stunts.” Jun casually squeezed himself on what’s left between Ohno and the armrest.
“Besides, Ikuta-san is just using it as an excuse bacause he didn’t bring anything.” Meisa countered Toma’s statement.
The entire night was filled with Jun trying to be the accommodating host that he is, to everyone. Nino, who entertained everyone by revealing rather interesting anecdotes of his life with the birthday boy.
Then there’s Aiba who get so hyped up, dancing his way with anyone he laid his hands on, and Sho who had couple of swigs on his own while keeping a close eye on his ex co-star seated beside the animated Toma.
Maki’s just not sure whether to be thankful that her best friend appears to have forgotten her, lovestruck and stuck with Ohno’s incomprehensible chatter, or worried as Johnny’s men seized the opportunity to get close and comfy knowing that Meisa is too preoccupied to shove them away.