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My works are unbeta-ed. Tread with caution.

CHARACTERS: Horikita Maki, Kim Jaejoong
GENRE: (Multi-chaptered) Canon Romance Fic
DISCLAIMER: I do not own the characters. This is purely made out of the writer’s (yours truly) imagination. The plot of the story is mine. There are some events that may not be accurate and has been purposely altered for the story. Apart from such, any resemblance to reality is not intended.

Chapter 5 – To Be Remembered Or To BeForgotten
“That’s what you get after staying up until dawn.” An exhausted Meisa whose body’s plastered in Maki’s sofa, grunted.
Her manager called, and Meisa just had an earful of sermon of the same sort regarding her cancelled appointment.
“I lost track of time.” She reasoned, before swallowing the aspirin to aid her hangover.
“Yes, you did. And you almost made me carry you.” Maki continued. It’s not everyday that she gets the chance to lecture Meisa as it often happens otherwise.
“But that doesn’t mean that you have to ask for that Yamashita’s help!” Meisa indignantly retorted, as if only remembering now that she partly owe the guy she’s most despised of.
Maki teased. “Mei-chan, the others have gone home, and some are in more pathetic state than you do. Yamapi is the only one available, you don’t expect me to leave you there do you?”
True enough, Yamapi arrived late to his senpai’s party. Apart from his Ashita no Joe promotions, there’s the recording of their new single that’s keeping him busy, and another one of his own. He’s one of the few who’s still sober and even agreed to help. Considering that a kicking and yelling lady is quite a handful, Yamapi is gentleman enough to carry the unwilling Meisa towards Maki’s car.
“Unacceptable. Just thinking how that guy half dragged-half carried me, infuriates me!”
Maki giggled. “I would have done the same thing — or worse, if you’ll kick my knees like that.”
It’s her turn now to smirk. She feels extremely pleased with herself. Despite drinking almost a dozen bottles of beer the previous night, Meisa has the knack to remember things clearly. Something Maki lacks, thus the major reason why she doesn’t drink unless the situation desperately calls for it.She just doesn’t trust herself whenever alcohol loosens her up.
“Well, you were rather happy then, that you forgot about me.” Maki teased more.
As if on cue, Meisa beamed.  “I won’t tell you anything.” She dreamily smiled despite of herself.
Maki rolled her eyes. “As long as you’re happy, it’s fine with me.” Maki stood up, getting ready to leave for her schedule for the day.
On her way to the door Maki noticed how disarrayed their shoes for yesterday’s party were. She shook her head and is about to pick Meisa killer heels when she noticed an umbrella casted on the corner of her shoe rack.
Her mouth formed an ‘O’ as sudden recognition flooded through her.
Jaejoong massaged his temple as pain gushed through his being. He took another sip of his coffee, exhausted, as the recording for their upcoming album took almost their entire day.
And perfectionist as they already are, they had another round of rehearsal before they become satisfied with everything in it.
“Hyung, will you be going straight home?” Junsu inquired.
“I can give you a ride.” The younger guy offered, aware that it is his manager’s car that brought him there.
“I thought you’ll be going with Yoochun?” Jaejoong clarified. He’s too drained to even go with them. He already has his comfortable bed in mind.
The two have been discussing bar hopping a while back, probably, to drink their way to relieve stress. Realistically speaking, it’s the only thing they can do, given that it’s something their time and their manager won’t oppose to so long as they could handle themselves.
“We will. He’s just still trying to persuade you to come with us.” Yoochun helpfully supplied, gaining a pout from Junsu.
“Su, maybe next time.” Jaejoong dismissed. He understands how the guy is trying to make something good out of their current situation. Things changed drastically, indeed, what they badly need is a diversion.
The guy nodded, realizing that his hyung is not in the mood to party.