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My works are unbeta-ed. Tread with caution.

CHARACTERS: Horikita Maki, Kim Jaejoong
GENRE: (Multi-chaptered) Canon Romance Fic
DISCLAIMER: I do not own the characters. This is purely made out of the writer’s (yours truly) imagination. The plot of the story is mine. There are some events that may not be accurate and has been purposely altered for the story. Apart from such, any resemblance to reality is not intended.

Chapter 6 – Chocolatey
Sleep is hard to catch just when he actually needs it.
It took him few twists and turns before he give up. Jaejoong grabbed his nearest hoodie and cap and headed outside to drop by the convenient store on the building’s ground floor.
Milk would probably do the trick.
It’s almost two o’clock in the morning and the occupants were most probably sleeping at this time therefore explains the quiet hallways and deserted elevator.
Pleased about the unaccompanied silence, he quickly turned left towards the direction of the revolving door only to be welcomed by something soft colliding against his hard body.
Much to her disappointment, the muted lights on the establishment Maki intended indicates that all her efforts to arrive in time were gone to waste.
The director took his sweet time brainstorming on things he wants to be done for their upcoming shooting. And right after is the actors’ courtesy greeting where Maki clogged up, having a hard time politely turning down drinking invitations. Afterwards, she met with her manager where they discussed the commercial she is to shoot with a TOKIO member.
Maki peered through the CLOSED signage, squinting her eyes on the lone figure on the cash register. It is the old woman’s habit to stay overnight every weekend. Given that it’s a Saturday, Maki couldn’t see the reason why Chie-san is nowhere in sight.
Disheartened, she toddled around the well-lit path way, taking in the familiar surroundings.
It was not until the multiple floored building come to view, that Maki noticed that she already have walked a couple of blocks.
Maki’s almost sure she’ll fall on the hard marbled floor when a pair of strong arms enveloped her, keeping her from falling.
On instinct, she grabbed whatever it is that could offer support, which in that case, happens to be the other person’s shoulder.
“Gomen -.” She’s about to say her word of apologies when her gaze met her savior’s.
Maybe, Blackish-Brown? Or is it Brownish-Black?
Chocolate Orbs.
There — the most suitable description.
And Maki’s could swear that he smells almost as yummy.
What the – where did that come from?

“Are you alright?” Jaejoong cut her fleeting moment, assisting her to regain her balance.
“Yes, thank you.” Maki bowed, her face heating up. Hoping that the guy in front of her didn’t notice any of it.
“No it’s my fault. I should’ve been care – ”, Jaejoong stopped midsentence as he now have a clearer view of the person next to him.
He swears he’s dreaming.
Or he’s just too tired that he’s hallucinating.
How could it possibly be her?
“Is there something wrong?” It’s her turn now to wake him up.
Jaejoong is sure that the light on the building’s entryway is playing tricks on him, until he heard her voice.
“No, nothing.” He answered extra- attentively.
For a couple of seconds look at each other.
“Why -.”
“Do you -.”
They spoke at once and both suddenly burst out laughing.
“Is anybody there?” The building’s uniformed guard came to view carrying a flashlight.
“A, it’s nothing Toho-san.” Jaejoong answered the man, and quickly grabbed Maki’s hands away from the now approaching man. It will be hard to explain if someone will see them together. He will not say goodbye to his privacy on his own apartment building just because. Besides, the building has very strict policies towards guests roaming on wee hours and most especially vigilant with trespassers.
Whichever it is, he will make sure that they will not get caught, not until he gets his chance to finally talk to her.

“Whew, that was close.” He hesitantly let go. He then wiped his imaginary sweat from brisk walking.
“Alright, tell me what was that about.” The girl in front of him demanded, though instead of becoming intimidated Jaejoong find the teasing smile on her lips and the mischievous twinkling of her eyes endearing.