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My works are unbeta-ed. Tread with caution.

CHARACTERS: Horikita Maki, Kim Jaejoong
GENRE: (Multi-chaptered) Canon Romance Fic
DISCLAIMER: I do not own the characters. This is purely made out of the writer’s (yours truly) imagination. The plot of the story is mine. There are some events that may not be accurate and has been purposely altered for the story. Apart from such, any resemblance to reality is not intended.

Chapter 7 - Milk, Green Tea and Onigiri
Maki’s not sure if whatever it is that convinced her to come with the guy and let herself be dragged. But it would probably be because his warm hand fits hers. Perfectly.
They plopped themselves on the nearby seat, thighs brushing every so often against each other. Again, making Jaejoong more awake than ever.
“I am actually thinking of drinking milk! Yeah, I can’t sleep so I’m here to buy milk.” Jaejoong managed to supply without stuttering.
This made Maki’s smile wider. The atmosphere between the two is now lighter.
“Milk? Are you serious?” Maki inched away, taking a thorough look porcelain-skinned guy.
“What’s wrong with that?” He defensively retorted.
“Don’t get me wrong, but how old are you? Surely, you’re of legal age to drink.” Her smile turned into giggles. “Guys I know drink their way to sleep.” Maki really find it unusual for a guy with his character and age to drink milk, though at the same time she finds it cute and fitting.
He blushed. He understands where she’s coming from. Even his members told him so.
“I do drink.” He insisted. “But I don’t want the hangover that comes afterwards. So I’d rather have milk put me to sleep instead.” He pouted upon his reasons.
She found it really adorable. Both his safe, logically thought-out reason and so as his pouting lips.
“And I assume that you didn’t drag me here because you want me to drink milk with you, did you?”
Jaejoong look at the teasing woman beside him. Finding it more relax to tease her at the same time concealing his real reason made him blurt out, “Don’t you want to accompany with me?”
Jaejoong blushed upon realizing his impudent straightforwardness. He stood up with a quiet “Excuse me,” and in the beverage area the Korean idol pretended to be busy with the brand of milk on the display fridge.
Maki was taken aback with the sudden question. Surely, she is comfortable talking with this stranger --- something she rarely feel even to casual acquaintances, but that wouldn’t make her admit it openly.
The guy returned and acts as if nothing happened as he reclaimed his position beside her. He opened the can of hot green tea for her and a packet of onigiri before handing it to her.
“It will make you warm.” He voluntarily explained.
He opened his own milk can and drink from it. It’s her chance to have a closer look at the guy.
His longish hair, his smooth skin, his refined profile and his lean built. He’s not some normal guy, she concluded. And there’s something in him that does not look Japanese at all.
Maki again scanned the guy. She grimaced.
Though he looks like someone I’ve seen somewhere. Maki thought.
Jaejoong frowned. He extended his hands to reach out Maki’s.
Maki felt familiarity with the hands that enveloped hers and realized that Jaejoong took hers and brought it to her cheeks.
“The tea will make you warm,” repeating what he said a while back. “You can either drink it, or hold it like this.”
She’s flustered by his action. The guy’s so gentle, different from the urban monkeys she have for friends.
“Or do you want me to buy you another one?” Jaejoong worriedly asked. Afraid that he’s boring her to death or he’s offended her.
“Oh, no need. This is more than fine. I love onigiri and green tea. Thank you.”